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Quality Magnetic Mattress Pads for magnetic therapy

Magnetic Therapy Research: The Future of Healing

Perhaps your orthopedist suggest pulsed electronmagnetic therapy treatment in his office to speed healing of a pulled tendon. Or maybe your neighbor swears that her magnetic mattress pad has helped her get a good night's sleep. Research continues to mount that magnetic therapy products produce a variety of effects ranging from faster healing time to less pain. And while double-blind, placebo controlled studies on magnetic products in the United States are few and far between, mounting evidence from other Westernize nations points to magnetic therapy as a viable alternative healing method.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?
Magnetic therapy uses a variety of magnets create a magnetic field. Magnetic fields exist naturally on earth, but over the centuries since the earth was created have lessened in strength. The theory behind the use of magnetic products is that they augment the natural magnetic fields and bring the field strength back to what the body needs to heal. Magnetic therapy products include magnets in wraps, bands, chair covers or mattress pads that produce fields of varying strength.

The State of Magnetic Therapy Research
Ancient Chinese healers wrote about using magnets on acupuncture meridians or energy points many centuries ago. It is speculated that Egyptian healers may have used magnets, as well as healers among various ancient cultures. Research into the effects of magnetic fields on human tissue were extensively conducted in Russia, Japan and many Western nations in the 20th century. The result is that many European countries include magnetic therapy as part of common treatment protocols. Unfortunately, the United States lags behind in this research, and it is only now that new research is being conducted at major universities to test theories about using magnets for health.

Today, researchers are focusing on certain aspects of magnetic therapy such as: 

  • Using magnetic products such as magnetic mattress pads to reduce the pain associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Magnetic therapy products for migraine headaches
  • How magnets can heal bones, tendons and ligaments
  • Effects of magnets on bacteria in the laboratory to better understand their effects on the biological system
  • And much more

A Survey of the Research on Magnetic Therapy
As reported on Pub Med, The Chiron Clinic of London undertook a survey of the literature around magnetic therapy. This critical review of randomized, controlled surveys sought to find evidence that magnetic therapy reduced pain. Out of 21 studies reviewed, 13 demonstrated significant analgesic effect due to magnetic therapy. Based on the evidence review, the majority of studies demonstrated positive effects from using magnetic therapy for pain relief. (PMID: 15992236 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE])

Is Magnetic Therapy Right for Me?
Patients who have been advised by their doctors or health care providers not to use magnetic therapy products should not do so, and pregnant women should not use them due to the unknown effect upon the developing fetus. Most people can use any magnetic therapy product they choose to use.

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