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Magnetic Mattress Covers


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magnetic mattress covers

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Quality Magnetic Mattress Covers

Our Magnetic Mattress Pads are soft and luxurious, with embedded magnets and soft foam. All these features are designed to create the perfect sleeping surface.

These comfortable sleeping pads offer optimum magnetic therapy.

Contrary to what many people say, magnetic mattress pads do not increase their effects by the addition of excessive magnets, as they are likely to detract from the pad’s comfort. Thus we ensure that our pads have the optimum amount of magnets for the best comfort possible

Our magnetic mattress covers are constructed using the newest technologies, and high grade magnets. We provide higher quality mattress covers than our competitors based on studies of equal quality magnetic mattress covers provided by our competitors. Since we are the manufacturer and you are buying factory direct, our prices are also lower than others, even though we have higher quality. The covers are constructed with finger-foam which provides a pressure point free sleeping surface.

All magnets are arranged in the bio-north position to maximize the effects. The magnets in the mattress covers are placed in a carefully judged pattern in order to give maximum benefits. The magnets in the mattress covers are covered by a thick layer of padding to give you the most comfortable sleep each night. The mattress covers are made with luxurious finishes to ensure the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication.

Standard Foam 1" Thick Mattress and 3/4" Thick Pillow Pads Click here...
Mega Foam 2" Thick Mattress and 1 3/4" Thick Pillow Pads Click here...
Superior Visco Memory Foam 2 1/2" Thick Mattress and 2 1/4" Thick Pillow Pads Click here...
Magnetic Car and Chair Seat Click here...
Magnetic Pet Pads - Plaid or Shearling Click here...

Magnetic Mattress Covers is separated from all our competitors by our high rate of "Customer Satisfaction"



Lowest Price Guarantee We are so confident about our high quality products and low prices, that should you find it for less we will include a free magnetic insoles and bracelet.
180-Day Satisfaction Policy*
Direct from the Manufacturer
Our 2" thick pads are double the thickness of our competitors 1"
FREE Bonus of a pair of our Premium DHS 2500 insoles( $48 value ) with purchase of any magnetic mattress pad. When you buy two or more pads at a time you receive three pairs of our Premium DHS 2500 insoles ( value of $48 each pair ) for a total of $144.00 in bonus gifts. **travel pads excluded from this offer

Highest Quality:

For all those who tend to sleep on their back & side:
2" thick with quilted top & non-skid backing
For those who sleep on their back only